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Build an online presence: YOUR way.  

Per.Sonolizer is a web platform designed to help you organize and manage complex information in a user-friendly, hierarchical format. It's perfect for creative professionals like musicians, researchers, or anyone who needs to keep track of interconnected data.

Imagine this for your music career:

  • Central Hub: Create a profile page as your central hub. Briefly introduce yourself, showcase your musical style, and include links to your social media.

  • Bands & Projects: Nest within your profile, create individual pages for each band or project you're involved with. Add descriptions, band photos, and links to your band's website or social media.

  • Recordings & Live Shows: Under each band page, create sub-pages for all your recordings (albums, singles, demos). Include details like release dates, genres, and links to streaming platforms. Do the same for live shows, adding dates, venues, and setlists.

  • Media & Links: Nest deeper by adding sub-pages for each recording or show. Here, you can upload photos, music videos, press clippings, and any other relevant media. Link to external resources like reviews or articles.

Benefits of Per.Sonolizer:

  • Hierarchical Organization: Structure your information intuitively, making it easy to find and navigate.

  • Flexibility: Per.Sonolizer adapts to your needs. Whether you're a solo musician or collaborate in multiple bands, the platform scales with your complexity.

  • Rich Content: Go beyond simple text. Per.Sonolizer allows you to showcase your music, photos, and other media in a visually appealing way.

Users of Per.Sonolizer:

Per.Sonolizer was built by a musician with musicians in mind; however, anyone with content to display can take advantage of this tool.

  • Musicians
  • Artisans
  • Luthiers
  • Small Businesses
  • Collectors

Per.Sonolizer is your one-stop shop for organizing your creative world. Contact us today and build your digital presence!